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Learn how to incorporate 360, AR, VR & more in the classroom

The Immersive Learning Bootcamp is a project aimed at improving technical education at two-year colleges by incorporating immersive technologies like 360° photography and videography, augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.

This project provide professional development opportunities for faculty to create immersive curricula through online curricula, in-person activities, and continued content development support. This enables students to learn in both online and in-person environments and better prepare them for a rapidly changing workplace.

During this fall and continuing through 2024 and 2025, our bootcamps take place in a number of mediums. 

Online Asynchronous content will be made available to participants through a Canvas shell. You’ll be able to explore the basics and learn at your own pace.

In-person each summer we will gather for two days in Central MN. This will be time to learn together, build relationships, and explore technology. Accommodations will be available.

For those interested in developing curricula, we will support you with additional resources and online synchronous meetings after the in-person sessions.

Cost: $275 covers workshop attendance, content, and meals.


ILB helps you develop a deep understanding of core immersive technologies and be able to apply that to your classroom experience.


Our in-person experiences allow you to explore equipment, software and immersive tools. From 360°, AR and VR, you will be able to work with the technology and understand how to use it.


Work with a group of core faculty and experts in the field to develop immersive curriculum and implement Immersive Technology into your own classroom settings..

Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience: Individuals are more likely to retain information and learning better through active, participatory methods compared to passive ones. The cone starts with the most concrete and direct learning experiences at the bottom and progresses to more abstract and less direct experiences as you move upward.

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The Immersive Learning Bootcamp (ILB) is a three-year project aimed at improving technical education at two-year colleges.

The ILB is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number 2202206.

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